Come Fly With Me

It has been a week of reflection as three family friends have passed on to a better life leaving us to take peace and comfort from the beauties our Heavenly Father has blessed his children with.  When times become challenging I've always believed the best remedy is to look up for there is so much beauty up; the mountains, the clouds, a sunset.  Jetting across the horizon also puts things into perspective for me.   Life is so short.  Live it the best you can, love one another and appreciate the gift we have been given.
 In my design work I always seek inspiration in beautiful landscapes, architecture and craftsmanship.  Here are a few of those inspirations from the Mediterranean,  Rome, Tuscany, Florence and Spain.

   So enchanting.  There's nothing like a secret garden door.
 Ring the bell, knock on the door.  Come in!
 Beauty that has stood the test of time.
 The Vatican in Rome.  Not a great picture (result of jostling in the crowd) but to ponder upon the talent and craftsmanship of an artist so many centuries ago is amazing.  Thank you Michelangelo for your tender portrayal of Christ's death.  The great sacrfice of our Lord and Savior.  It is in dying....that we are born to eternal life.
 Find joy in your days.....take a walk (in the rain, snow) and discover something new to love.

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