High Spirits and Happy Feet

I have a delightfully feminine wall plaque that sits front and center in my workroom that says, "I can do anything with the right shoes."  Those that know me best know that I have a passion for fashion, which includes a handful of shoes in my closet, about 40 pair at last count.  Shoes, not just any shoes, can take you to wonderful places, through every season.  Therefore on our trip to Arizona last week I was sooo lucky to have my honey take me to the Fiesta Mall.  And what should I find there?  Four pairs of must have shoes!  I needed them to spruce up the fall wardrobe...gray alligator flats with black zipper bows, black suede flats with black beads, knee high leather rideing boots and brown suede heels with strap and buckle.  I think I'm set.  Anyway until I pass another shoe store.  I better not go to Hip & Humble anytime soon.
While in Arizona under beautiful skies and perfect weather we attended the wedding reception of my forever friend's daughter.  My 'nutty buddy',  short for best friend,  has been an inspiring part of my life since Jr. High, High School, amd as my college room mate.  Isn't she gorgeous?  We have many silly, tender and life changing memories  together.  We don't see other often but when we do it's just like the good ole' days.  Thanks my friend for being a special part of my life.

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