I love these buildings!  So full of character and charm.  Walking down a street like this takes me back in time when I imagine going to town was a special adventure.  The windows would be decorated with the latest housewares and fashions.  Store names written in black and gold calligraphy.  Ladies and gents dressed in their fine attire,  for you never knew who you might see when you went to town
 This is the home of Mr. Hershey of 'Hershey's' chocolate in Pennsylvania.
 Love the windows and the attention to detail.  Philadephia where it all began for a freedom loving people.
 I'm proud to be an American.

My dream would be to own this whole street and have the most inviting shops you could ever imagine....one of course being Piper & Chloe.  Another one would be an arts building...a dance school, a music studio, art classes.  I'm still working on that dream.  That's what it is to be an American.  You can dream and work at making those dreams come true.  It's all up to you.

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