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Catching Up

We absolutely love the Fall.  The leaves changing from the greens to yellows, gold and vibrant reds.  The temperature drops about 10-20 degrees and we can breathe again.  Intense fiery blooms are at their peak bordering landscapes.  Riding down our canyon road we are greeted by rows and rows of happy yellow sunflowers nodding their greeting..'How do you today?'
September has us shifting gears to prepare for what's ahead...rain, show, wind.  Have we done all the activities we wanted to do in the summer?  Although we never think we want this time of year to come we truly love it when it gets here. 

Bostyn has been looking forward to going to a fair all summer.  This is the day she and Nixon went to Lagoon (the goon).  They were over the top excited.  We were there for 7 hrs. hitting the pavement and many, many rides.  A great time to go.  Halloween was in the air and the crowds were smaller and the weather was perfect.   Free your mind by sailing through the air over the …