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Welcome Home

Little Nixon invites you in to take a look at some of the tweaking we have done over the summer.  Tis my passion.
We have had a multitude of annoying flies this summer.  Could be because this door and two others are usually found open as outdoor discoveries are taking place.  Love those munchkins tho'.
 I think I posted a while back that I was going to paint the library peacock.  Here it is finished.  I painted over the textured wallpaper which created a very likeable finish.  Next.....

 The entry.  Such great photographers in the family I have to have a gazillion photos out to show off.
 I think this room is about done.   A superb terrarium found at my friend's vintage shop while I was on a treasure hunt.  Oil paintings reminding us of our European travels and a scrumptous jute rug under the coffee table.  I'm still debating about plantation shutters on the windows or billowing silk/taffeta drapes on the sides. 

I've been wanting to cover the back of the china cabin…