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Wishing You Were Here...

A short but very fun trip to Newport Beach which fell on Tiffany's birthday.        Boo hoo.  So in honor of her birthday we vicariously had a very happy birthday for her.  She was all up for it so the camera came out and this was her perfect day.  Love you Tiff.

First stop.  Breakfast at Ruby's Diner.  What a hot spot.   Well, we missed the breakfast hour but settled for  lunch.  Delish!  I love these fun reminders of the past.  Second Adventure.  Cruising down the Pacific Coast.  Beautiful blue sky, crashing ocean waves and our favorite tunes.  Spent a few hours at San Juan Capistrano.  Cute cottages renovated into cozy shops.

 In our lifetime we have traveled up and down this road many, many times.  Happy memories.
 This is the lane where the shops were, across from the Capistrano Mission.   Garden, housewares, antique shops and a welcome snack haven which was a welcome relief on such a hot day.
 A fabulous jumble of inspiring things.  I love the mosaic on this hutch.  I wo…