Homemade Memories

 I have been scrapbooking lately and have an assortment of odds and ends in the way  of paper and embellishments.   I find it  hard to throw them away because surely they could be used in some way.  Right?  When I received my envelope of prints there were 2 sheets of mini pictures.  Well, if paper is hard to throw away I can't even tell you how hard it is to throw away a picture!  No matter what size it is.
 My little 'creative genius' was here last weekend.  I showed her the pictures, the paper and embellishments.  I challenged her to come up with something.  A memory book or a quiet book, something. :)
 This is what she came up with....a 2"x2" book with picture memories of her brothers and sister, cousins, and her grandpa g.g. who has since passed away.  A little book of treasures I'm sure she will keep forever, also reminding her of the fun weekend we had together.

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