Creative Genius

 Always intriqued by the elements of design  I was totally blown away with these amazing gowns at the MK Seminar 2012 in Dallas.  Design students created these gowns using only make-up products and packaging. 
When I entered the room I was immediately drawn to them because they were so stunning.   It took me a minute to realize the gowns were totally made from product.  Upon closer inspection I could see the detail.  It took a minute to focus then it was fun to figure out what the students had used.  Look at this!  A stole made from blush brushes.  Bodice from eye colors.

The fan is made with product packaging and assorted make-up brushes.  The black and pink silhouette was made from tote bags and make-up bags.  I wish I could remember what the shiny bodice was made from.
I could have stood there for an hour trying to figure it all out but I had a class to go to.  I love that kind of creativity.  What's your dream?  Dare to dream BIG!

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