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Building a Club House

 In the summer months when I was very young nothing could be more exciting than starting a 'CLUB'.  This entailed great preparation in the details...What would our name be?....What great location would  we hold our meetings and adventures?...Who would be allowed to be members?:)  In the winter not to be discouraged by the weather we would build snow forts and decorate them with snow chairs and couches,  and bring our 'clients' to our snow home to show off our decor which included snippets of pine boughs and willowy branches.
I guess some things never change.  I'm still decorating houses and looking for places to make a cozy nook.   Thus my lastest project..... After we sold our home and permenantly settled in a new location my first desire was to have a shed built in the backyard, which I call the playhouse.  It's taken me awhile to see the vision of this space but wonderful it will be.  It has been used for my painting projects and storing summer games, cr…