The First Law of Heaven

Can't stay long today.  I'm on a cleaning binge.  The first words I read this morning were "Orderliness is the first law of heaven and cleanliness is next to Godliness." Well, knowing full well after several parties and jolly gatherings it was time to give the floors a good sweep, vacumn and polish that's where I started.   Moved on to straightening kitchen cupboards.  Swept the patio, organized and rearranged the furniture.  Filled the swimming pool for the kids.  Did a pile of laundry, then on to a couple of mirrors that need to be hung.  All the while thinking I need to work on all those photos I got last week, finish hand-bags for a new store order, cut out pics for my MK goal poster, etc, etc.  Stay focused girl!   When my cleaning is all done I will breath a sigh of relief knowing the corners are clean, and I will feel a calming sense of Feng Shui.  Will anyone notice?  Probably not.....but I will and that makes me happy.

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