Some Things Never Change

It was our weekend for the Durfey Reunion at Zions Canyon.  From far and wide our cousins and aunts and uncles come to strengthen family ties and make new memories.  This yearly adventure started many years ago in the heat of the summer with a dad, six daughters, their husbands and children.  Their father, Henry Oakley, wanted to gather his growing posterity so he could enjoy and be a part of their growing years.  Henry Oakley choose Zions because of the closeness he felt to his departed and beloved wife, Vilate.  He could feel her presence as he walked the meandering trails in the cool canyons by the river surrounded by the majestic rock mountains.  50 some years have gone by since that first reunion and new generations have returned year after year to be renewed by the magic of

The 3rd generation with more adventurous tales than you can imagine.

Zion. Each year we look back on the past years and see the changes that have come to the park; trails are paved in concrete, the swinging bridge no longer swings but is solid and firm.  There are  chains to hold onto along the mountain wall to Angel's Landing, Shuttles transport visitors into Zion park and there's no more swimming in Emerald Pool.  RV's have replaced tents.  . 
4th generation with tales of their own.

The little town of Springdale has become a bustling resort with restaurants, hotels and gift shops.  In the early days WE owned the park, or so we thought.  Running up and down the trails without hikers to block our way, favorite swimming holes along the river.   Crackling bonfires, hot dog roasts and hilarious skits at night ( Ranger sat back in the trees and enjoyed the entertainment as well.)

 Five generations strong, over 100+ still coming to enjoy the magic and mystery of Zions Canyon.

5th generation-same rocks-same beach-same trails-same fun.

Who's afraid of hiking Angels Landing?   We started when we were 8 years old without the chains I might add.  It wasn't so bad if you didn't look down.

Time has a way of changing surroundings and traditions, but what does not change are the mighty, towering red cliffs of Zion that remind us of  family, firm and strong like these familair mountains.  Our love for one another is everlasting.  We focus on the plan of our Heavenly Father including the blessing that some day we may be  'A Forever Family'.  We come to Zion each year and are reminded of this great truth and blessing. Til We Meet Again!

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