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A Stroll Through The City

There's nothing quite like a spring walk in Paris basking in the incredible architecture, tiny shops and as I recall the charming ambience of the city.  But Paris seems a little far away these days so instead we found that a walk through our own city was just as delightful.  We started at the Church Art Museum where a new collection of beautiful paintings and sculptures were on display, also a fun interactive art experience for the kids; dancing, crafts and media games and stories.

Afterwards lunch at the the new City Creek mall.  A beautiful outdoor mall with a retractable glass roof (perfect for the winter months),  tall leafy trees, colorful landscapes suited for our desert climate, water falls and the creek coming from the nearby mountains meandering through the length of the two city blocks mall.  We are always tempted by enticing fashion window displays and the delicious scents that perfume the air from bath shops,  but we didn't stop for shopping this time....just enjo…