A Little of This and A Little of That

After a few big sewing projects my scrap basket is pretty full.  I don't want to become a scrap junkie with boxes and bins full of scraps lining my craft room and taking up space in the basement storage room. Mostly because knowing me I would forget,  first of all where the extra scrap boxes are and secondly,  I wouldn't be able to remember what was in them.  By the time I plowed through all the scrap boxes I'm sure I'd lose my motivation to make anything.  Therefore, I allow myself a big basket under my work table and a couple of hatboxes.  When it starts overflowing it's time to edit.  That's when I earnestly start looking for 'little' scrap projects.  Because truly it's hard to throw out fabric!

Here a are a couple of my recent [projects using little bits of fabric.  The owl was made from very small pieces of fabric that coordinated well together.  The tote bag was made from a skirt I made that was too short.  It was embellished with 5 different fabrics for the flower and some snippets of ribbon.
Strips of coordinating fabric sewn together with a ruffle edging to embellish a flour sack towel.

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