A Home of Music

Over the weekend I began the process of cleaning the storage room (YIKES!). Overlooking the upheaval of this particular space, I find going through boxes and 'stuff' like going on a treasure hunt. I'm always looking for something that tickles my fancy at the moment and cries to be used again in a new way. On several treasure hunts I have faced the stacks of LP (Long-Playing)33 albums collected over the years. These are hard to get rid of because of the memories they represent. I remember coming home from school to beautiful music playing from the stereo...Andy Williams, Billy Vaughan, Instrumentals and Broadway musicals. It was a warm and happy feeling which added to the safety and love I always felt at home. We knew we would find mama singing or humming as she did her work. Later my brothers and I started to collect our own favorite records. Some not as gentle and soothing as those we grew up with, but nonetheless good and happy songs. Many an afternoon was spent with girlfriends listening to records while pining over a heart break, or chattering about school which always included the excitement of the next dance. A song can bring back many many good memories to me. Can I throw them away? No! So, I came with a solution. I added a little vintage flair to our entertainment room which compliments the record player I got for Christmas. Truth be told I STILL like to listen to this music......and Dance.

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