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A Home of Music

Over the weekend I began the process of cleaning the storage room (YIKES!). Overlooking the upheaval of this particular space, I find going through boxes and 'stuff' like going on a treasure hunt. I'm always looking for something that tickles my fancy at the moment and cries to be used again in a new way. On several treasure hunts I have faced the stacks of LP (Long-Playing)33 albums collected over the years. These are hard to get rid of because of the memories they represent. I remember coming home from school to beautiful music playing from the stereo...Andy Williams, Billy Vaughan, Instrumentals and Broadway musicals. It was a warm and happy feeling which added to the safety and love I always felt at home. We knew we would find mama singing or humming as she did her work. Later my brothers and I started to collect our own favorite records. Some not as gentle and soothing as those we grew up with, but nonetheless good and happy songs. Many an afternoon was spe…