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R & R

After a week in Kaui touring the Island in our snazzy silver convertable Camero and soaking up the sun we returned home to the remodeling upheaval going on in the main part of our house. Painting the dining and living room, hallway and bedroom plus adding a walk in closet in the master bedroom. Crazy! Furniture everywhere. Our cute Lasson family moved in for a couple of weeks while their new home in SL was closing. What great sports they were climbing over stuff and living out of suitcases. Then the gears went in to overload as the next 2 months were spent working and planning our Piper & Chloe Showcase (which was awesome, I must say), costuming the roadshow, planning the RS super activity with speakers, demos and dinner and our cute Beal family moved in for 6 weeks while Eric did an ENT medical rotation. We planned lots of fun outings and get togethers; shopping, BBQ's,visits to the park, school programs and recitals family photos (done by our professi…