Winter Picnic and Refinishing

So much going on (decorating, sewing, Piper&Chloe planning),  I'm just about late for our lunch this week, but,  I do want to share with you a very fun winter picnic we had one year after one of our huge snowfalls.  One morning with all the excitement created by a yard full of pure white snow we bundled up in our heavies until we all looked like various versions of the 'Michellin Man', hats, gloves, boots,scarves and boots.  Then we headed out to the back patio which was covered in about 2 feet of snow. ( Possibly a mere exaggeration)  Using buckets and shovels we made a perfect table and bench sculpture.  We placed car robes on our frozen bench and sat down for our winter lunch under the crisp blue sky,  breathing in the fresh air, talking and laughing.  Our voices muffled by the tall snow covered oak trees and surrounding rock wall.  What a happy time it was eating sandwiches and drinking hot chocolate.
          After our picnic and a few snowstorms later we found that our teapot was missing.  What a surprise it was to find it in the spring after the snow had melted,  right where our snow table had been.  A very happy memory for five little girls and a mom and a dad.

I used an artists brush and latex 'cafe latte' paint then sanded it in all the obvious areas furniture would be worn and scratched.

        Redecorating taking place in the library this week.  I have delayed long enough trying to decide whether to paint the wood trim on the couch white.  So after a few weeks of placing inspiring painted furniture images on my pinterest board and deciding I really like the look of painted furniture, I took the plunge.  Now I've painted and distressed the love seat for the library.
I love the vintage weathered look with thefabric.

Because I've always thought dark library walls are very cozy looking  I painted the walls peacock blue (Pottery Barn paint deck, Benjamin Moore).  The french doors, white chair rail and trim will remain white.  'm having a couple of oil paintings framed in distressed white.  The library off the entry hall will be a little retreat with images of far away, romantic places.  A wonderful place to cuddle up with a book on a wintery evening.

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