Lunch With My Little Friends

Simply delightful  companions.  Their stories are always so intense, they make me smile inside.  Their imaginations are alive with wonder and pretend.  A fun time to teach a few manners also because they want to be sooo big.  I love to be with them.

This week on the big 2012 To-Do List:  Organize Kitchen.  After the holidays the cupboards are quite a jumble with so much hurried baking and entertaining going on.  Gratefully many hands helping in the preparation but things don't always get put back in the assigned spot.  Plus,  who doesn't just want to start over in January. 
1.  Start all domestic projects with a sassy apron.  It's always more fun to dress the part!
2.  Decide what cupboards and drawers will be used for what.  Cookware close to the stove. Baking supplies, bowls, measuring cups by the baking counter or island. Easy access to spices. Drawers sectioned off for knives, mixing spoons, ladles, spatulas, etc.
3.  Look around the kitchen or other areas of the house to find interesting containers for storage.  So much more fun to open a cupboard with a colorful tray or basket awaiting you.  If you must you are allowed to go shopping,  after all these are tools of the trade!
4.  Now that things are looking so good you're going to feel like cooking again but not the kind where you look in the pantry with a dazed look wondering what's for dinner.  Look through some inspiring recipes over the weekend,  make a menu plan and grocery list,  and then place your tantalizing menu plaque listing all the dishes for the week.   Takes the wonder out of meal time prep.
5.  Make meal time a pleasant gathering with pretty dishes and glassware, placemats and napkins.  You've put time into making something nice so make it a time to enjoy and savor.  Bon Appetit

 Easy to make: Frame with glass,  scrapbook paper and a dry erase marker.
 A super find at Pottery Barn for my pantry.  Perfect for muffin tins and bread pans.  Also found colorful trays at Pier One to put on upper shelves so I could slide them out.
More lovely to eat from a serving dish than from the pan.  A pedestal dish made from one of my favorite dinner dishes and a candle holder.
I would love to hear your ideas on organizing kitchen spaces.

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