Summer Fun

The other night we strolled in the cool of the evening to our new neighbor's home for a neighborhood Ice Cream Social. Simple, Fun and Delicious. A mouth watering selection of fruity and chocolate ice cream awaited us. Oh my! I knew there was a reason I keep the ice cream freezer in the storage room. Every year I tell myself I'm going to make some homemade ice cream in an old fashion ice cream maker. Why? you ask when you can buy a half gallon of gooey, some what tasty ice cream at the store. I don't know except that it is the absolute best when it's made with fresh cream and fresh berries. In fact I could of eaten the whole bucket myself...but I was a guest so I limited my serving to one. So when the icicles hang from our roof this winter I will go break a few off and stock my refrigerator with homemade ice cream.....and have a party.

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