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Ashley's In Town-Party On

It was so fun to have Ashley in our midst for two weeks, not only for her charming self and adorable Bostyn and Nixion, but for all the activity it created. Lazing in the park, shopping and frolicking in the fountains (the kids that is) at Gateway, Jr. High graduation for Ashlyn !!, Kindergarten graduation for Ella (where is the time going?), BBQ's here and there, the annual SCHOOLS OUT! party, treasure hunting at garage sales. Besides all that Ashley was in high demand for her awesome photo shoots. Our days were packed...the cousins had a great inventive time with one another and in a blink of an eye it was over. It is rare to have All of the girls together in one place anymore. WE totally embraced it and LOVED IT! Snippets of our days.
Ashlyn's class graduated in 1940's style...singing and some awesome swing dancing. With the music and dancing I felt some deja vu-imagining my mom in her high school years. Ashlyn, it was totally awesome!
The gang's all here...ea…