Happy Spring

Yay, it's finally here, that beautiful time of year to celebrate the renewal of life. I know I may be jumping the gun. It may snow tomorrow. But let's enjoy today. The daffodils and tulips have started poking their fresh green stems through the wet earth. I love the intense color of spring flowers after a long spell of dreariness. The deer are in heaven. They are roaming the streets in abundance looking for fresh tasty greens. I can't help but sing "Popcorn popping on the apricot trees" when I pass all the colorful blossoms down the street. Don't you think some songs stay with you forever and bring back memories of carefree summer days? With great anticipation I can't wait to:
Paint flower pots.
Turn the rock patio into a kitchen herb garden.
Arrange the deck into our summer living space.
Ride a bike.
Go on a picnic.
Hang clothes on a clothesline.
(Just for a vintage look and some arm exercise)
Walk and walk and walk.

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