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Wisdom from the Past

I love the New Year with it's clean slate of empty journal pages and calendars which only lasts for a brief moment. But the promise of a fresh start is always invigorating and motivating to me. That's when I start to dig into the corners of my home unearthing papers and stuff that either needs to find purpose in my new fresh year or be disposed of. After hauling off a car full of things that will become "someone else's treasure", I have rediscovered notes and writings that I have tucked away in files from by mom and grandma from a gentler and safer time. These lofty ideals written on scraps of paper were taken from books, lectures and newspaper clippings of the day from the 1940's through the eighties. They are filled with words that have brought the best out of men and women. In today's world of 'ME' it's good to look back and remember how life was lived with civility and how many individuals would strive to live lives of honor, selfles…