Summer Fun

The other night we strolled in the cool of the evening to our new neighbor's home for a neighborhood Ice Cream Social. Simple, Fun and Delicious. A mouth watering selection of fruity and chocolate ice cream awaited us. Oh my! I knew there was a reason I keep the ice cream freezer in the storage room. Every year I tell myself I'm going to make some homemade ice cream in an old fashion ice cream maker. Why? you ask when you can buy a half gallon of gooey, some what tasty ice cream at the store. I don't know except that it is the absolute best when it's made with fresh cream and fresh berries. In fact I could of eaten the whole bucket myself...but I was a guest so I limited my serving to one. So when the icicles hang from our roof this winter I will go break a few off and stock my refrigerator with homemade ice cream.....and have a party.


A New Day

Love it...new month....new week....new day. Winding up the happy days of summer. Yet to do:
*BBQ with the neighbors.
*Strolling adventures with the girls.
*Take a ride through the canyon with my honey.
*Charming Children class for the
'Back to Schoolers'.
*Prepare for trip to Barcelona.


Ashley's In Town-Party On

It was so fun to have Ashley in our midst for two weeks, not only for her charming self and adorable Bostyn and Nixion, but for all the activity it created. Lazing in the park, shopping and frolicking in the fountains (the kids that is) at Gateway, Jr. High graduation for Ashlyn !!, Kindergarten graduation for Ella (where is the time going?), BBQ's here and there, the annual SCHOOLS OUT! party, treasure hunting at garage sales. Besides all that Ashley was in high demand for her awesome photo shoots. Our days were packed...the cousins had a great inventive time with one another and in a blink of an eye it was over. It is rare to have All of the girls together in one place anymore. WE totally embraced it and LOVED IT! Snippets of our days.
Ashlyn's class graduated in 1940's style...singing and some awesome swing dancing. With the music and dancing I felt some deja vu-imagining my mom in her high school years. Ashlyn, it was totally awesome!
The gang's all here...eating AGAIN!
We even fit in a Girl's Night Out (with children?) All the kids slept peacefully in the backyard--tent style.
The next morning they were busy coloring and the next thing I knew they were playing postman putting their beautiful pictures in the neighbor's mailboxes. I hope the neighbor's enjoyed their happy little activity.
Bostyn, Brynn and Ella partying at the Class of 2025 party. For breakfast and lunch we had delicious cookies, cupcakes, donuts and root beer floats.
Why not get all those daily calories in the morning?
Everyone wants a turn with lovable Nixon.
Stuffed penguins, fish bowls, umbrella fruit kabobs and smiley faces greeted hungry and not so hungry kids at our Schools' Out party. It was all eaten up. Good sign that sprucing up the food can make it more appealing to finicky eaters.
And Ty was right in the middle of it all getting in on all the picture taking that was going on.


Spring Clean

Nothing like Spring's clear skies and vibrant color to clear the mind and open it up to all the possibilities that await. Out with the old, in with the new. Organize spaces. Clean out the corners. Be inspired by thrifty finds...paint and embellish. Ahhhh, doesn't that feel good?


Lucy Grace

Baby Lucy is four weeks old today. So fresh from heaven and placed snuggly into a family of adorable little girls. Loved and loved and loved.


Happy Spring

Yay, it's finally here, that beautiful time of year to celebrate the renewal of life. I know I may be jumping the gun. It may snow tomorrow. But let's enjoy today. The daffodils and tulips have started poking their fresh green stems through the wet earth. I love the intense color of spring flowers after a long spell of dreariness. The deer are in heaven. They are roaming the streets in abundance looking for fresh tasty greens. I can't help but sing "Popcorn popping on the apricot trees" when I pass all the colorful blossoms down the street. Don't you think some songs stay with you forever and bring back memories of carefree summer days? With great anticipation I can't wait to:
Paint flower pots.
Turn the rock patio into a kitchen herb garden.
Arrange the deck into our summer living space.
Ride a bike.
Go on a picnic.
Hang clothes on a clothesline.
(Just for a vintage look and some arm exercise)
Walk and walk and walk.


All in a Week's Time

I just submitted my Family Room and Kitchen remodel to a magazine.
To see more pictures and the process follow the link above.  It was a fun thing to do on a snowy afternoon.  ONE of these days I'll go outside and play!
Can't believe cutie pie, Ty and his cousin, Princess Bostyn turned 3 this week.....Time is flying on wings now.  That dinosaur was absolutely scrumptious.
A precious little bundle, Miss Lucy Grace came our way on Wednesday.  Adoring sisters, Miss Ella Jane and Miss Brynn Lois.

Fresh From Heaven 'Trailing Clouds of Glory'.


Happy Birthday to the Greatest Traveler There Ever Was!

Oh the places we've been, the tales to tell, the sites we've seen. Here's to many more adventures.


Finishing Touches

I have just about completed my ocean blue bedroom or rather I should say retreat for now it feels like one. A while ago I found a charming chandelier from IKEA just because I liked it, not that I knew where it would go. But now I know what the finishing touch is for my new room....the chandelier. Today I will paint it's silver hardware white into a vintage look and since the ceiling doesn't have an electrical connection I've cut the mount and cords off and will place votive candles in the bulb candlesticks. With the chandelier overhead I shall lie on the bed and dream of my next project.


Things to Think About on Cold, Blustery Days

A LIttle Bit of Heaven

Wow...the weather was wonderful, the view gorgeous,lots of fun things to do and plenty of time to soak up the sun. Time was not.

After a couple of attempts at taking our self-portrait someone came and offered to take our picture. The temple is next to the church. We attended a wonderful meeting which began with ALOHA!

Love that blue...I think I'll paint our bedroom that color.


Flip Flops for Me

After a wonderful holiday season...a month of getting organized...starting my New Year's resolutions of exercising at the Rec Center and on the Wii...deadllnes completed...we pack our bags and are off to hopefully blue skies, warm weather, the sand and the beach. Finding the sun in January is always a good thing :) Here we come Hawaii.


New Years Resolutions 2011

Take time to Think. (It is the source of power.)

Take time to Play. (It is the secret of perpetual youth.)

Take time to Read. (It is the fountain of wisdom.)

Take time to Pray. (It is the road to happiness.)

Take time to Love and be Loved. (It is a God-given privilege.)

Take time to be Friendly. (It is the road to happiness.)

Take time to Laugh. (It is the music of the soul.)

Take time to Give. (It is too short a day to be selfish.)

Take time to Work. (It is the price of success.)


Wisdom from the Past

I love the New Year with it's clean slate of empty journal pages and calendars which only lasts for a brief moment. But the promise of a fresh start is always invigorating and motivating to me. That's when I start to dig into the corners of my home unearthing papers and stuff that either needs to find purpose in my new fresh year or be disposed of. After hauling off a car full of things that will become "someone else's treasure", I have rediscovered notes and writings that I have tucked away in files from by mom and grandma from a gentler and safer time. These lofty ideals written on scraps of paper were taken from books, lectures and newspaper clippings of the day from the 1940's through the eighties. They are filled with words that have brought the best out of men and women. In today's world of 'ME' it's good to look back and remember how life was lived with civility and how many individuals would strive to live lives of honor, selflessness and goodness.
This new year of 2011 I choose to make 'my' world a better place with affirmations from these files everyday.

It is easy enough to be pleasant,
When life flows by like a song,
But the man worth while is one who will smile,
When everything goes dead wrong.
For the test of the heart is trouble,
And it always comes with the years,
And the smile that is worth
the praises of earth
Is the smile that shines through
the tears.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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