Hello Again

I entered my 'creative tunnel' in January and have had so much fun 'following my dreams', although at times it has been a bit overwhelming. Maybe next time I won't take on so much all at once. Deadlines have been met and this is what has been accomplished. Our Piper and Chloe Show was a huge success. Terry said he could see the location from the Legacy Freeway, the streets were packed with cars. There was never a dull moment and happy customers walked out with their original wares. This was our fourth show and as always a great project with the girls...fun, enterprising, stressful and full of hilarious memories.
In the midst of getting ready for Piper & Chloe I was asked to do the costuming for the roadshow. I made many new friends with all the animals (the primary children) and decked out an island full of animals, the lost passengers of Gulligan's Island and a crashed plane of bewildered survivors. It was fun to be a part of such amazing talent.
As a reward for reaching Star status for the quarter in my MK business we had hardwood floor installed. Not wanting to be the decorator/middle man in this project I hired another company to do it. What should have taken a couple of weeks turned into 3 months. The existing flooring had been torn out which added to the stress level. It felt like we were living in a barn with plywood floors and furniture crowded and stacked about. During this time one of my primary girls came by to deliver a birthday treat to me and later told her mom. 'I think my teacher needs help. Their downstairs floor is really pretty but their upstairs looks like dirt.' I'm sure she thought her mom being in the RS presidency could come to my rescue. What a sweetheart :)
Another fun project has been that of helping a friend of mine get her shabby chic store opened with flair. It is called 'So Chic'. We had an open house on Mother's Day weekend. Lots and lots of charming vintage wares. I have to keep reminding myself I don't have room for any more furniture. But I was lucky enough to get a cute little french end table from my honey for Mother's Day. It looked so cute standing in the center of the room on Mother's Day, the top covered and drawers filled with pansy's and petunias waiting for my surprised delight. Thanks my honee!
Unfortunately I don't have pictures for all the adventures since my camera broke during all the whirlwind of activity. But I will remedy that soon and go camera shopping since I now have time to breath.

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