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Happily Ever After

What a happy time we three girls had three years ago planning for two weddings in the month of June. What special daughters Lacey and Ashley are to us. I hope you have celebrated three wonderful years of marriage girlies. You have darling families to show for it.


Today I play store...I thought for sure I had to have this cute little cabinet but I held out trying to decide where the perfect place would be for it. What do you know I sold it last week so I don't have to worry about it. I know I'll want something else today. It's a game of self-discipline.

Hello Again

I entered my 'creative tunnel' in January and have had so much fun 'following my dreams', although at times it has been a bit overwhelming. Maybe next time I won't take on so much all at once. Deadlines have been met and this is what has been accomplished. Our Piper and Chloe Show was a huge success. Terry said he could see the location from the Legacy Freeway, the streets were packed with cars. There was never a dull moment and happy customers walked out with their original wares. This was our fourth show and as always a great project with the, enterprising, stressful and full of hilarious memories.
In the midst of getting ready for Piper & Chloe I was asked to do the costuming for the roadshow. I made many new friends with all the animals (the primary children) and decked out an island full of animals, the lost passengers of Gulligan's Island and a crashed plane of bewildered survivors. It was fun to be a part of such amazing talent.