Merry and Bright

Christmas has always been a magical time of year for me. Trying to fit 3 months worth of enchanting activities into a 3 week period is a miracle in itself. Life is beautiful when children sing about the joys of Christmas and thrill at the twinkling lights of Temple Square and frolic in snow mounds till their feet and hands are numb. I feel the love of our Savior all around as we share simple pleasures together with our family. This is what makes life good, and what a world it would be if everyone could feel it, all the time.

So with the whirl wind of activity slowing down (does it ever??) I promised my honey that I would stay in bed until 7am instead of getting up at 3:30am. We'll see. How can you sleep when visions of sugarplums are dancing around in your head?
I hope your holidays are bright and beautiful! May you be blessed with a HAPPY New Year!

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