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The Final Week

My dancing shoes have served me well. They are completely worn out from rain, mud, skipping, running, doing the Scottish fling, the reel and round dances, not to mention being stepped on. I don't know whether to toss them or bronze them.
We were surprised to see our best fans before the show and then after. We were excited they could experience the spirit of Nauvoo with us. There's nothing like it!

Got to love that frumpy look...looking forward to a haircut and another outfit :)
Over the four week run of the show the Nauvoo Mission office took in more than 7,000 referrals. The referrals will be sent to missionaries all over the world. What a priviledge to be a part of the exciting work.
We again learned to appreciate what the Nauvoo Saints went through to establish the church in these latter-days. There was a booth at the pre-show activities that had a website where we were able to put in our family names to see if we were related to any of the e…