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I have to admit it took me some time before I was ready to start on this project.  I could see in my mind what I wanted but was I willing to distress the cabinet, take out the glass panels, repaint the wood finish.  Why was it a hard decision?  Totally sentimental!!  This was our first china cabinet years ago.  How excited we were to put a beautiful traditional china cabinet and French dining table with six chairs in the dining room.  The room had waited so long for furniture and here it was finally.  A dream come true! 

When I finally decided the cabinet was the perfect storage solution for my sewing studio I bit the bullet and bought the paint.  Then the work began.  The robin egg blue chalk paint finish is the perfect accent for the gray walls and white tables in the room.  I love it and only wish I hadn't  waited so long.  Here's a peek of the process.

The cabinet has three open cupboard doors on top and three wood cupboards on the bottom.  I love chalk paint.  No need t…

Charming Ann Arbor, Michigan

I love the details in these towns built in yesteryear.  The attention to detail is what captivates me. The arched windows, the small shops snuggled close together differentiated by their colorful store fronts.  Tree lined streets offering shade and shadow.  A few years back I discovered my great-great grandmother grew up in Michigan. This adds a special delight,  thinking about her carrying on with her life in these very areas which I am very fortunate to visit.
Main Street in Ann Arbor.  This is a college town with many outdoor cafes, pizza parlors in old Victorian buildings and hip clothing stores lining the street.
I feel my day is complete if I can take a stroll on such a street soaking up the history of the buildings.  Questioning as if they would be so kind to answer my questions. What year were they built? What was it's original purpose? If only these walls could talk of another time.   Graceful architectural embellishments give character to brick and stone.  Always be…

Enjoying Fall Everywhere

I guess you could say I'm way behind on my blog with the excuse being since July we have just about been around the world in 80 days.  I always lug around my laptop with the intention of posting wonderful adventures and pictures of where we are, but many times there's hardly a minute to catch my breath before we're off again.  When I do have a spare moment I love to look at your beautiful blogs which doesn't require much effort on my part.

Before leaving for Fort Lauderdale, Florida a few days ago we were beginning to feel the coziness of fall with breezes tossing autumn leaves to the ground.  Puffy white clouds scooting across the sky with dark thunder bumpers following behind.
As we drive up the canyon road to our house both sides of the streets are lined with rows and rows of sunflowers. That's when we know fall is really here.

What I'm seeing today from my 19th floor hotel balcony just a few steps from the beach is more of a summer paradise.  A couple of w…

Bringing The Family Together

"The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It."                                                                                                                                                                 Peter Dricker
Occupation: Mom
I'm a mother and depending who is calling me, I am mom, mama or marmee.  One of the things I love most about being a mom are the many opportunities for teaching moments.  One of our favorite sayings in our home is "No Empty Chairs".  It simply means we are a family and we are in this together.  We all have a responsibility to care and watch out for each other.  We want a complete family, everyone accounted for, no lost sheep.
What anticipations await us when we come home? I have fond memories of coming home from elementary school.  Mama would be at the dining room table planning our family night.   We were excited to contribute to the 'program'.  I recently found a little red, spiral notebook that I kept with the m…

T-Shirt Makeover

In our travels Mr. T can always find great looking logo t-shirts.  He has quite a colorful collection and it's a fun way to remember the places we've been.  I like to help him pick them out but I don't usually get one for myself because I feel like a walking billboard and they're pretty boxy on me.  When we were at Canyonlands I changed my mind when I saw the nice logo designs.  So with the intention of a little redesigning I bought a couple of t-shirts.      The high round neck, the sleeves and the length aren't very flattering (on me), so the scissors and I got busy snipping when we got home. Cutting the neck a little deeper and further out on the shoulder.   A couple of inches off the sleeve and about four inches on the bottom.  I had a shirt from Cancun that I also threw in the re-do mix.

I had a 'fat quarter' that made a perfect bias trim. A couple of tucks in the front and back give the shirt a more feminine touch and eliminate the boxy look.  

Spring Teaser

I know it's a little early around here to be dreaming of summer lounging and gardening, but I'm so excited that our four foot pile of snow in the backyard has almost completely melted it puts me in the mood for the outdoors.  We can actually see some grass and tender little bulbs poking through the soggy ground.  With gardening and outside living catalogs coming in the mail on a daily basis I'm beginning to make plans for the patios and window boxes.  Still trying to decide where to put the pool,  besides in my dreams.   Just a few pictures of warm weather inspirations from last summer.
I A little touch of vintage with the cruiser bike.  The side panels on the side of the window are from our previous home.  One of our souvenirs. The geranium pot looks pretty sad.  The plant is a start I took from another healthy geranium. When we lived in California we could just break off a stem of a geranium, stick it in the ground and it would start to grow.  Not such luck here.
The ca…

Write It Down

A few months ago I was asked to speak to a group of young ladies and their mothers about journal keeping.  What a great time I had with these cute girls.   My theme was a quote from Hans Christian Andersen, "Life Itself Is The Greatest Fairytale of All".  Well, he should know having written quite a few classic fairytales.
The sad fact of our day of texts and e-mails is that we have fewer and fewer personal written words  in a journal or a letter to a special friend or loved one.  Where are the day to day records of life?   Some of the best books that have been written have contained information from another period of time.  Those interesting tidbits come from from personal letters and journals.   Where is the proof to another generation that life was wonderful for us unless we record it?  I love to read letters from my grandmas and grandpas to their kids.  And what a treasure it is to read letters between my mom and dad during WWII.
If you haven't started or need some m…